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About York for York, Ontario and Area

When you want to know York, Ontario

Overview of York, Ontario, Canada

York, Ontario, Canada is a city which is part of The Greater Toronto Area. The Toronto area is a very diverse and beneficial place to live, and spend time. Toronto (GTA) is here today because of six municipalities amalgamating together to form one bright future. York is the second smallest of the six municipalities but still offers more movement and versatility then others.

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History of York, Ontario

The city of York was once an individual municipality which stood alone, with its own government and status. Surrounding York were four other independent municipalities, Markham, Vaughan, Scarborough, and Etobicoke. The plan for York was to split it into two different areas, North York and North Toronto. Later the plan would change and add yet another addition to York being called, East York! The whole city of York was eventually combined with other surrounding areas to form the Greater Toronto Area, known as the GTA

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York's Demographics

There is a mass amount of diversity residing in the city of York. The most visible ethnics according to Statistics Canada are 51%White (Portuguese, Italian, British) 20.4% Black (Jamaican, Caribbean), 4.6% Asian (Indian, Sri Lankan), 3.7% (Filipino) and 16.26% Latin American. Although, there is a long list of visible minorities living throughout the York community.

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York's Climate

York rests as an internal city in the Mega city of Toronto. The city experiences moist springs with downfalls of rain dry/hot summers with fewer downfalls and a higher temperatures then the rest of the year. Autumn is a cooler; more adventurous time of year with bright colors and environmental changes, winter in York is more of a colder atmosphere, which brings a lot of ice and snow with it.

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Education in York, Ontario

York has an outstanding amount of schools to fit children and parents needs and wants. York is home to an enormous amount of high schools, elementary schools, and pre-schools. York also offers night schools and virtual learning schools through internet or arranged times.

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Transportation around York, Ontario

York is a very developed wing of Toronto and offers a wide variety of transportation opportunities throughout the city. Traveling internally in the city is a breeze with city buses, trains, and street cars. York is extremely close to Toronto Pearson International Airport, and has a number of shuttles available to get you to and from the Airport with no hassle at all.

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Tourism and Attractions of York

York has a number of attractions to offer visitors. To get involved with indoor, outdoor fun or both visit Blossom & Blooms to get a glimpse of magical butterflies, both native and tropical, also check out David Dunlap Observatory, Historic Main Street Unionville, In Play Inc. which involves indoor, rock climbing, mini golf, roller coasters, sports, and many other indoor activities. York also offers more competitive game parks such as Laser Quest, NASCAR Speedway, and Lucky Strike Lanes.

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Surrounding Communities

  • York
  • Weston

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Geography of York, Ontario

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York's Government

York being part of Toronto is represented by David Miller, the Mayor of the GTA. Even though the Mayor remains the same throughout the different cities within the GTA each ward of each municipality has its own Councillors involved with it's government, thus making each part of the city, within the GTA somewhat individual.

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York's Economy and Industry

York is a very fast past industrial city, and is always changing. The economic goals of York are to keep changing in partnership with surrounding municipalities, to up hold a vibrant and healthy economy. York has the fourth most expensive Industrial Commercial and Institutional (ICI) construction in Canada. York's exports make up $12.5 million which is more then six provinces combined.

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York's Culture and Significant Events

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Sports in York, Ontario

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Media of York

The city of York is a well known area but most of the media it is incorporated with, originates from Toronto, and other municipalities throughout the city of Toronto. Toronto's major newspaper is the Toronto Star which is where York residents become informed on there daily news.

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